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Advertising on TravelConnections

TravelConnections goal is to offer the best advertising and sponsorship opportunities for travel on the Internet. We offer banner advertising, co-branding and various promotional packages for you as an advertiser or sponsorship partner. In addition, we also offer highly targeted Travel Directories with various cost-effective packages.

TravelConnections FREE travel information site combine interactive technology with interesting and engaging content in a graphical and user friendly design.

Target millions of Qualified Customers. People With computers buy travel.
They go on vacations, stay at hotels, take cruises and tours. They also use their computers and the Internet to find information and sources. TravelConnections offers a direct link to complete travel information. Qualified buyers can actually visit your full color site or page and learn what you're all about. They can receive your rates, promotions, request information and book your services direct. All at the touch of a button. Even without knowing of your business or services, the Internet user looking for travel will find your business in just minutes using TravelConnections Service Directories and Destination Directory. TravelConnections provides instant information for the travel buyer.

It's Easy to Find Customers with TravelConnections. TravelConnections is "The Premier Internet Travel Information Source for the Smart Traveler"
It's an extremely user friendly interface which offers travel and travel related content with a unique combination of hotels, airlines, cruise lines, restaurants, car rental companies and rail on one simple and comprehensive site. This information, along with daily local news events, weather, foreign rate of exchange, magazines and newspapers and much more, makes for a unique one stop travel shopping and information site.

Your Business Will Travel Further with TravelConnections.
TravelConnections is an experienced Internet Travel partner. Together, with TravelConnections you will target millions of potential buyers in every time zone with actual site photos, pricing and promotions. Our FindTravel smart indexing system allows the user to find travel information, fast and easy. The ease of the site along with daily added information will bring new and seasoned travelers back again and again. Plus, the cost effectiveness of the reach, will make this your most important Internet marketing tool.

Why the Internet?
Online Travel is expected to make up 20% of all Internet commerce.

Online travel sales are forecasted to show very strong growth over the next five to ten years. TravelConnections offers you a unique opportunity to tap into this new powerful market by display advertising on the site. The beauty is that even if Internet sales have not yet taken off and reached the levels that it has been forecasted it will reach by the year 2000, TravelConnections works for your company already today. Our sales team has more statistics about the future expected growth of Online Travel which they will be happy to share with you while discussing your advertising on our travel information site. By advertising on TravelConnections today you gain a competitive edge and you get your travel information instantly to the travel buyer. Distribution of information today means sales tomorrow.

Why TravelConnections?
Quite simply, TravelConnections is the most effective source of promoting your business on the Internet.

TravelConnections works today and tomorrow as well. As the Online purchasing become more established, the information-searching traveler of today will become the online buyer of tomorrow.

TravelConnections offers superior marketing opportunities at a great value. TravelConnections takes the search out of the Internet and allows travel buyers to find your services and buy them. TravelConnections will put the Internet to work for you!

Customize your messages
TravelConnections offers its advertisers to select from the multiple choices that the site offers and target audiences with select messages.

TravelConnections offers a selection of affordable advertising programs. We offer exciting display advertising with animation features, ad rotation and many other features. It's a great and very affordable way to get your information to the travel decision-maker!

Advertise in the Travel Directories
TravelConnections Travel Directories (Hotels, Airlines, Cruises, Car Rentals, Tours, Tourist Offices and Find a Travel Agent) offers unique opportunities to visually "sell" your product to a targeted buying audience. It's a very cost-effective marketing tool which also carries value added features when you decide to use other advertising options on our FREE travel information site.

List your product and advertise in Last Minute Bargains and Hot Deals
TravelConnections offers extra opportunities to reach potential travel buyers by listing your travel offers in our Hot Deals section or your unsold inventory (or to increase bookings) in our Last Minute Travel Bargains section

How to Advertise
To find out more about advertising and the Travel Directories on TravelConnections, please email us directly at:


For site sponsorship and other promotional ideas you would like to further explore with us, please email us at:


Please include a contact name, company name, phone number, fax number and email address. TravelConnections advertising sales staff will get in touch with you promptly. We could have your ad up running in days!

Thank you!

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