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TravelConnectionsTM presents you with a Directory listing and WebLinks to Cruise Lines that services select destinations, cities and countries throughout the USA, Caribbean, Mediterranean and the World. TravelConnectionsTM Cruise Directory saves you time and effort assisting you in finding your preferred cruise lines local reservation number and Yacht Charter Companies contact number. Participating Cruise Lines introduces you to their cruises, destinations, cruise ships, itineraries, dining, on board entertainment and much more as well as a direct link to the cruise lines own website with schedule information and reservation opportunities. Presently this directory only includes cruise lines selling cruises in the USA, however, we expect country listings with local reservation numbers of cruise lines in Europe and the World to be added shortly.

Enjoy browsing and finding your favorite cruise!

Cruise Lines Reservations in the USA | Yacht Charter Companies

Cruise Lines Reservations in the USA

Cruise Line (State) Phone/Toll Free
Reservations Number
Alaska's Glacier Bay Cruises (WA) 800-451-5952
Alaska Sightseeing/Cruise West (WA) 800-426-7702
Ambassador Cruise Lines (FL) 800-255-5551
American Canadian Caribbean Line (RI) 800-556-7450
American Hawaii Cruises (IL) 800-664-6264
American West Steamboat Company (WA) 800-434-1232
Aquanaut Cruise Lines (FL) 800-327-8223
Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry (MI) 800-542-8528
The Barge Lady (IL) 800-880-0071
Bay Queen Cruises (RI) 617-723-7800
Bay State Cruises (MA) 617-723-7800
Bay View Cruises (ME) 207-761-0496
Belle Carol Riverboat Company (TN) 800-342-2355
Bergen Line (NY) 800-323-7436
Bermuda Island Cruises (Bermuda) 809-292-8652
British Columbia Ferries (BC, Canada) 604-381-1401
Captain Bean's Cruises (HI) 808-329-2955
Captain John Boats (MA) 800-242-2469
Carnival Cruise Lines 800-327-9501
Cascade Sternwheelers (OR) 503-223-3928
Casco Bay Lines (ME) 207-774-7871
Catalina Cruises (CA) 800-995-4386
Catalina Express (CA) 800-995-4386
Celebrity Cruises 800-437-3111
Chilean Desk Cruises (FL) 305-597-9731
Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise (NY) 212-563-3200
Classical Cruises & Tours (NY) 800-252-7745
Clipper Cruise Line 800-325-0010
Club Med 800-CLUB-MED
Colonel Paddlewheel Boat 409-740-7797
Commodore Cruise Line 800-237-5361
Company Polynesienne de Trans Maritime (CA) 800-972-7268
Costa Cruises 800-462-6782
Cruise Company of Greenwich (CT) 800-825-0826
Crystal Cruises 800-446-6620
Cunard Line 800-5-CUNARD
Danube Cruises Austria (FL) 800-327-8223
Delta Queen Steamboat Company (LA) 800-458-6789
Dirigo Cruises (CT) 800-845-5520
Discovery Cruises (FL) 800-937-4477
Disney Cruise Line 800-511-1333
Dolphin Cruise Line 800-222-1003
Dolphin Hellas Cruises (CT) 800-473-3239
Dream Cruises (HI) 800-400-7300
Epirotiki Cruise Line 800-872-6400
EuroCruises (NY) 800-688-3876
Europa Seakruz (FL) 800-688-7529
European Cruises (FL) 800-5-DANUBE
European Waterways (NY) 800-546-4777
French Country Waterways (MA) 800-222-1236
Galapagos Cruises (CA) 800-421-5276
Hellenic Mediterranean Lines (CA) 415-989-7434
Holland America Line 800-426-0327
Ivaran Lines (NJ) 800-451-1639
Julia Hoyt Canal Cruises (MA) 800-852-2625
Jungle Queen (FL) 305-462-5596
KD River Cruises of Europe (NY) 914-696-3600
Key West Fort Jefferson Ferry (FL) 800-634-0939
Lake George Steamboat Company (NY) 800-553-2628
Lake Queen Sammy Lane Pirate Cruise (MO) 417-334-3015
Lake Tahoe Cruises (CA) 800-238-2463
Laughlin River Tours (NV) 800-228-9825
Legend Tours River Cruises (CA) 800-333-6114
Majesty Cruise Line 800-532-7788
Marine Expeditions (ON, Canada) 800-263-9147
Mediterranean Shipping Cruises (NY) 800-666-9333
Memphis Queen Line Riverboats (TN) 800-221-6197
Mystic Whaler Cruises (CT) 800-697-8420
Nabila Nile Cruises (CA) 800-443-NILE
New Orleans Paddlewheels (LA) 800-445-4109
New Orleans Steamboat Company (LA) 800-233-2628
Niagara Clipper (NY) 716-856-6696
Norwegian Cruise Line 800-327-7030
Oceanic Cruises (CA) 800-545-5778
OdessAmerica Cruise Company 800-221-3254
Odyssey Cruises (IL) 312-321-7620
Orient Lines (FL) 800-333-7300
P & O Scottish Ferries (NJ) 201-768-5505
P & O Spice Island Cruises (MA) 800-426-5492
Pacific Cruises (BC, Canada) 604-683-2174
Palm Beach Cruise Line (FL) 800-447-2290
Paradise Cruise (HI) 800-334-6191
Phillips Cruises & Tours (AK) 800-544-0529
Premier Cruise Lines 800-327-7113
Prince of Fundy Cruises (ME) 800-341-7540
Princess Cruises 800-421-1700
Quark Expeditions (CT) 800-356-5699
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises 800-333-3333
Regal China Cruises (NY) 800-808-3388
Regal Cruise Line (FL) 800-270-SAIL
Renaissance Cruises 800-525-5350
River Cruises (IL) 800-331-1467
River Cruises International (IL) 800-777-9480
River Street Riverboat Company (GA) 800-786-6404
Riverboat Cruises (CA) 800-433-0263
Royal Caribbean International 800-327-6700
Royal Hawaiian Cruises (HI) 800-852-4183
San Diego Harbor Excursion (CA) 800-44-CRUIS
Scandinavian Seaways (FL) 800-533-3757
Seabourn Cruise Line 800-929-9595
SeaEscape Cruises (FL) 800-327-7400
Seawind Cruise Line 800-258-8006
Silver Eagle Casino Cruise (IL) 800-745-8371
Silversea Cruises 800-722-9955
Special Expeditions 800-762-0003
Spirit Cruises - Boston (MA) 617-457-1400
Spirit Cruises - Norfolk (VA) 800-877-4780
Spirit of New Jersey (NJ) 201-867-8307
Spur of the Moment Cruises (CA) 800-343-1991
Star Clippers (FL) 800-442-0551
Sun Line Cruises (NY) 800-872-6400
Sunshine Cruise Line (CT) 800-473-3239
Swan Hellenic Cruises (MA) 800-426-5492
Tall Ship Adventures (CO) 800-662-0090
Value World River Cruises (CA) 800-795-1633
Victoria Cruises (NY) 800-348-8084
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises 800-327-2602
Windstar Cruises (WA) 800-258-7245
World Explorer Cruises 800-854-3835
Yankee Schooner Cruises (ME) 800-255-4449
Zeus Yacht Cruises (NY) 800-447-5667

Yacht Charter Companies

Yacht Charter Company (State) Phone/Toll Free
Reservations Number
Aggressor Fleet (LA) 800-348-2628
Alden Yacht Charters (RI) 800-662-2628
AquaSafaris (SC) 800-524-3444
Blackbeard's Cruises (FL) 800-327-9600
Blue Water Cruises (ME) 800-524-2020
The Brokerage (St. Thomas, USVI) 800-949-6080
Captains Yacht Charters (FL) 305-941-6794
Caribbean Yacht Charters (MA) 800-225-2520
Catalyst Cruise Line (WA) 800-670-7678
Chesapeake Yacht Charters (MD) 410-467-7778
Florida Yacht Charters (FL) 800-537-0050
Galapagos (FL) 800-327-9854
Galapagos Network (FL) 800-633-7972
Hornblower Dining Yachts Lake Tahoe 800-238-2463
Hornblower Dining Yachts Marina del Rey (CA) 800-ON THE BAY
Hornblower Dining Yachts Newport Beach (CA) 800-ON THE BAY
Hornblower Dining Yachts San Diego (CA) 800-ON THE BAY
Hornblower Dining Yachts San Francisco (CA) 800-ON THE BAY
Interpac Yachts (CA) 619-222-0327
Kiriacoulis Lines (CA) 800-367-1789
Le Boat (NJ) 800-922-0291
Lynhollen Yacht Charters (CA) 800-821-1186
Lynn Jachney Charters (MA) 800-223-2050
The Moorings (FL) 800-535-7289
Nicholson Yacht Charters (MA) 800-662-6066
Quasar Nautica/Tumbaco (FL) 800-247-2925
Rainbow Yacht Charters (CA) 800-227-5317
Regency Yacht Vacations (St. Thomas, USVI) 800-524-7676
Russell Yacht Charters (CT) 800-635-8895
Sailaway Yacht Charters (FL) 800-SAILAWAY
SunSail (FL) 800-327-2276
Valef Yachts (PA) 800-223-3845
Virgin Island Sailing (Tortola, BVI) 800-233-7936
Virgin Islands Power Yacht Charters (St. Thomas, USVI) 800-524-2015


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