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TravelConnectionsTM The Traveler ReportsTM presents you with travel tips and travel stories from the best travel writers in the world - you the Traveler.

In TravelConnectionsTM The Travelers QuickTipsTM you will find quick and easy tips and ideas about great hotels, room with a view, where to eat, sights not to miss, nightlife and much more.

In TravelConnectionsTM The Traveler Reports MagazineTM - Travel Stories!, you will read feature articles about various places and destinations as well as cruises, tours, adventure travel, around-the-world and much more. All written by the travelers themselves.

Become a TravelConnectionsTM Travel Writer! Would-be columnists taking a crack at the big time! Start writing and submit your entries to our Travel Stories! - if your story is published you will be entered into our Traveler Reports Win Travel Contest. Submit your story in any word document format on either floppy or via email and mail us your photographs.

Enjoy reading TravelConnectionsTM The Traveler Reports!

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Welcome to TravelConnectionsTM WebLinks. This is a selection of some of the best Travel Stories we have found on the Internet. There are many pages of travel stories and TravelConnectionsTM has chosen links to some of the best sites. Please note that all the content and information on the pages you find here is the exclusive material of each site and TravelConnections takes no responsibility for any of the material published.

Enjoy reading Travel Stories written by travelers!

Abdi and Mary's Hakuna Matata Adventure
Reports From The Adventurers Abdi and Mary

Mike's European Adventure
by Mike Oliphant

Moscow Life
Here Andrey share with you events and small pleasures of the life of a Muscovite, the random details that make our life worth living. Stories about Moscow and Russia since 1995, with new stories ebing added about every other months. This is a good place to start learning more about Moscow. (Andrey Sebrant)

New Zealand Trip Report
by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood

The Russian Chronicles
Welcome to The Russian Chronicles, an experiment in interactive photojournalism created especially for the World Wide Web. Follow the progress of a journalist and a photo journalist as they traveled through the Russian Federation, starting in Vladivostok and ending 5000 miles later in St. Peterburg. (FocalPoint f/8)

St. Martin and Saba Erewhon's St. Martin Trip Report

A Stomp Around the World
Take a 3-year journey around the planet. Includes: best and worst places, work opportunities, and money-saving tips. All the best photos and stories too.

Tan Wee Cheng's Mad Rush Through Eastern Europe & Turkey

Traveller's Tales
Here lie the true chronicles of Richard and Bradley's one year tour from London to Los Angeles via the great African plains, the colourful Indian festivals, up over the Nepali Himalayas, through the jungles of South East Asia and down under through Australasia. (Bradley P. Robinson)

Two Weeks (and Two Days) in Scotland: A Report
Erewhon's Scotland Trip Report

Travel @ The Speed of Light


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