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For your convenience, you can make your room reservation request now! Please fill in the necessary details below - note that some parts must be completed to be able to process your reservation (these are marked "required"). Upon completion, click on the "Send Your Reservation" button at the bottom of the page, and this form will be emailed directly to the hotel. All of your information will be handled by the hotel in confidence.

After emailing the Reservation Request, the hotel will answer you direct via email (or fax or phone when necessary) to confirm your reservation.

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Bed standards vary dependent on country and hotels and room choices refer to normal standards per each country.

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Please note that most hotels need to be notified of late arrival. Late arrival vary dependent on hotel, however, many hotels use any arrival after 6:00 PM as being a late arrival. Certain cancellation policies and payment requirements may be necessary to hold and guarantee a room reservation. The hotel will notify you directly of their policy when reconfirming your reservation.

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All reservations and payments are subject to the hotel's policies. If Hotel use your Credit Card to hold the reservation, normally your card will be charged for one nights deposit - final settling of room bill will be done upon checking out. Hotel will give you their payment and cancellation policy when replying to your room reservation request.

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