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Macau flag


Jan. 01 New Year's Day
Feb. 07 Chinese New Year Holiday
Feb. 08 Chinese New Year Holiday
Feb. 09 Chinese New Year Holiday
Mar. 28 Good Friday
Mar. 29 Easter Holiday
Mar. 30 Easter Holiday
Apr. 05 Ching Ming Festival
Apr. 25 Anniversary of Portuguese Revolution
May 01 Labourer's Day
Jun. 09 Dragon Boat Festival
Jun. 10 Camoes Day & Portuguese Communities Day
Jun. 24 Feast of St. John the Baptist
Sep. 16 Mid-Autumn Festival
Sep. 17 day following Mid-Autumn Festival
Oct. 01 National Day of the People's Republic of China
Oct. 05 Republic Day
Oct. 10 Chung Yeung Festival (Festival of Ancestors)
Nov. 02 All Souls Day
Dec. 01 Restoration and Independence
Dec. 08 Feast of Immaculate Conception
Dec. 22 Winter Solstice
Dec. 24 Christmas Holiday
Dec. 25 Christmas Holiday

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