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Museums Header

High Desert Museum
Welcome to The High Desert Museum, a living experience in Western history, Native American cultures, art and wildlife.

The Oregon History Center
The Oregon Historical Society's History Center has great collections about the development of our state. Among them are photographs documenting the City's architecture over the last 100 years.

Oregon Maritime Center and Museum
In the museum, you'll see models of sailing ships, motor ships, and steamboats; photographs from Portland's shipbuilding heritage; scrimshaw; navigational instruments, and more. Shop at the museum store for a souvenir, gift, or book.

Portland Art Museum
Rain in Portland? Good time to see Portland's Art Museum! Events and exhibitions are noted here.

Stark's Museum of Vacuum Cleaners
Portland, Oregon (USA) is the home of Stark's Vacuum, which is itself the home of Stark's Museum of Vacuum Cleaners, which houses over 100 vacuum cleaners from the past to the present.(Karl Anderson)

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